A new breath to living spaces

Bringing a peaceful and modern living space to homes and making corporate touches to business life, Luzzo Home Furniture entered the sector exactly 10 years ago with 3 founding partners, with product groups dominated by elegance, functionality, innovation and minimal lines. Luzzo Home Furniture introduced its first store to users in 2017 with furniture designs suitable for different concepts that shape life, on this journey they set out to produce furniture where design and functionality meet. You can view and order long-lasting, high quality and stylish İnegöl furniture from our store or online sales page. We are sending all over Turkey and Europe Luzzo Home Furniture design their care.


To be able to meet furniture demands directly, to offer comfortable, stylish, ergonomic and long-lasting products to users, to provide perfect service; To increase the prestige of the Luzzo Home Furniture brand and to maintain customer satisfaction with innovative and modern approaches.


Being the pioneer in the furniture sector in Turkey and in Europe, to meet the customer's expectations at the maximum level, to increase brand value, customers gain a new life forms.


Our long years of experience in the sector and our innovative perspective meet with quality raw materials and turn into stylish furniture that you will use for many years with health, happiness and great comfort. Luzzo Home Furniture quality is evident in every product.